23-28 of August 2010: World Youth Conference (Mexico City, Mexico)

The conference is an initiative of the Government of Mexico, in partnership with the United Nations system and civil society organizations. The conference will bring together government representatives and civil society organizations to identify priorities of action on youth to be addressed in the international development agenda beyond 2015. With five years to go before the deadline set by the international community to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, Mexico, in partnership with the United Nations system, invites all countries to participate in the World Youth Conference 2010.

For more information please visit: http://www.youth2010.org/


  1. fawad says:

    thanks but can you tell us form where can find the app form

  2. hamzah says:

    wat do i do if i want to attend but dont belong to any arganisation!!!!

  3. Mulah Derick says:

    Please how can i Apply and who are those qualify to attend the conference?
    sincere Derick

  4. ikuemenisan glory edamesan says:

    what do i need to do befor attending the conference .and how can i become a member .can i reperesent my country in the upcoming youth conference in mexico

  5. The Link Corporation says:

    Please, how can one followup his application since there is no confirmation letter of application receipt?

  6. maxwell says:

    what do i need to do before i get a visa to these up coming conference in Mexico.


    What does it take to be there?

  8. Its so important to give the youths an opportunity to have a driving voice in this world as in the next day , will be the ones to change the world in a single Global village which we are yeaning for at present.Bravo to all those leaders that are fighting to front the youth in the decision making and program formulation.In Uganda the youth is about 52% of the population , how far if well brought up and led well , can they change our country ? They can do much of course, similarly other countries are getting the same trends , so lets the leaders wake up and empower youth to make this world a better place.Thank you Augustine Mugisha Uganda


    Youth, are the future leaders for tomorrow.As the future leaders we need to be thought the right way to live our live now so that when our fathers handover the mantel to us we will be able to handle it well and produce the outcome as been expected.
    there are some behavior in us which needs to be cut off and some needs to be sharp to bring out the best character in us.
    I believe when we come together to think and make good decision in the mind, we will live to bring out the best in us

    How can I become a member and qualify for the conference
    Thank You

  10. AMINU LURWANU says:

    i want to attend this conference. and i applied but there is no reply. i need your assistance. thank you. AMINU LURWANU, KANO,NIGERIA.

  11. kashif says:

    Dear sir ,

    hope you r fine, please tell me that how i can apply(process) of this event and where i get the registration form and please tell me the other details of this events.



  12. Gizzel J. Macauley says:

    how can we get application form?

  13. admin says:

    Please contact the organizers directly

  14. mulat anagaw says:

    my name is mulat anagaw,i am a journalist in Ethiopian radio and television agency and i work on youth program and i want to share the experience from the conference to be held in Mexico and i need to participate on the conference.

  15. Nadeem Masih says:

    Dear All,

    I am Nadeem Masih from Pakistan and I attend World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney Australia. I also want to attend this Youth Conference.

    best wishes,

  16. Abdihalim says:

    its very good initiative and i will call it a step forward in engaging and empowering youth on developmental matters. i cant wait to attend such seminar and i woul like to request from the concerned authorities to direct us on how to apply for the seminar.

  17. Jose M Sanchez says:

    The Youth2010.org webpage is down???

  18. c says:

    hola , pues ami me parece que esta excelente este congreso mundial, yo tengo 20 años y durante mas de 2 años trate de entrar a la universidad, es muy complicado pues la mayoría de las escuelas son muy elitistas, no se porque no me que de, pues yo tengo promedio de 9.0, así que al fin decidí quemarme las manos y la cabeza y entrar a una universidad privada, la cual en ocasiones es muy difícil pagarla , tan solo lo que quiero es estudiar, y trabar; trabaje en muchos lados y tengo mucha experiencia en muchas áreas pero aun trabajar es difícil pues las empresas publicas o privadas quieren empleados de tiempo completo o si es temporal pagan miserable mente, solo deseo un país en que nosotros como jóvenes ciudadanos tengamos mas oportunidades, pues el gobierno Mexicano, te cortan las alas, el pueblo mexicano es grande, en todo sentido: tiene mucho territorio rico y abundante, la gente es trabajadora, cálida, buena y creativa, solo se necesita la oportunidad pero no solo a uno sino con igualdad, pues aveces aun que estudies una carrera te cuesta muchisisisismo conseguir un empleo completo, con una buena paga y trato, amo ami México pero odio este gobierno e inseguridad.

  19. Youth engagement in global issue that affects us all is every important and Mexico youth conference will enhance the awareness of youth through this occassion. We have tried to apply the conference, but could not find the registeration form, please help us to participate the big occasion.

    Mohamed Ali Jimale
    SYCO Chairperson

  20. Ada says:

    Hello Sir/Madam:
    When will the next World Youth Conference hold?
    Thank you.

  21. Shinde says:

    Where can I get application form?

  22. Shinde says:

    Any assistance on how to get application form?

  23. Is there any requirement to attend?

  24. ROSHAN BASNET says:

    Dear sir/madame
    I’m from YOUTH FEDERATION NEPAL. I want to attend this forum so plz! can u give me ur information and how /where can we gate application form ?

  25. Please send the application form in the given email.

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