UNU-INRA Visiting Scholars Program 2012 and Accra: UNU-INRA Conference on Sustainable Mgt of Africa’s Natural Resources

UNU-INRA Visiting Scholars Program 2012
Application deadline: March 15, 2012

The United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa
announces its Visiting Scholars Programme 2012 and a call for the submission
of proposals from interested candidates from Africa and the world.

The main objective of the program is to provide qualified scholars an
opportunity to undertake research on topics related to the development and
management of natural resources in Africa, to participate in UNU-INRA
activities, and to contribute to UNU-INRA publications. The program is also
designed to enhance the dissemination of UNU-INRA research and to contribute to the UNU-INRA’s outreach program.

The program will NOT support any field work aimed at collecting data. It is
suitable for researchers who have data available and need workstation
facilities and financial support to analyze and publish the results of their

UNU-INRA will provide a monthly stipend of $US1, 500 as a contribution
towards travel, accommodation, medical, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
Interested candidates should please read the announcement and all other
relevant documents attached to this call CAREFULLY before applying.


UNU-INRA Strategic Plan 2011 – 2014
Africa Green Economy Initiative

International Conference on Sustainable Management of Africa’s Natural
Resources 5-8 December 2011 Accra, Ghana
Contact: andoh@inra.unu.edu or andoharris@gmail.com

The United Nations University Institute for Natural Resources in Africa
(UNU-INRA)’s mission is to strengthen the capacity of Africa’s universities
and research institutions to conduct research and produce well-trained,
well-equipped and motivated individuals. These individuals should be capable
of developing, adapting and disseminating technologies that advance food
security and promote conservation and the efficient use of the continent?s
natural resources for sustainable development. To this end, UNU-INRA is
organizing an international conference to highlight new research and
community engagement on sustainable natural resource management and use.

In addition, INRA will showcase its part achievements in the past 25 years and
look at new areas of research for the sustainable development of Africa’s
natural resource management.

This four-day bilingual (French/English) conference is a landmark event
focusing on evolving approaches, tools, methods and principles addressing
the challenges associated with increasing natural resource use and
sustainable development in Africa. It will feature keynote speakers from
across the continent and from other parts of the world. The conference will
also provide the space for creative exchange of ideas, for networking and
for forging collaboration between African researchers, corporate leaders,
policy makers, media, and civil society groups.

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