A highly reputable research and policy analysis institution seeks for immediate placement persons with a background in case study writing, analytical research, and primary and secondary data collection and processing.

The successful candidate should have impeccable writing and communication skills, an ability to identify diverse sources of relevant information and to prepare, UNDER LIMITED SUPERVISION, reports and memoranda using the best derivable evidence from such data sources. In addition to desktop research, valuable skills for this role include an ability to design and administer questionnaires, interact with senior private and public sector executives, and engage with academics on their own terms.

The successful candidate should be able to organise large data sets into easily accessible formats and draw on them in developing persuasive arguments for incorporation into research documents of serious relevance to policy formulation and media agenda-setting in a sub-Saharan or developing country context.

Candidates will typically be high academic performers with at least a bachelor’s degree or advanced post-graduate training. However, a solid research track record and a keen interest in data collection and analysis, as well as the use of rich evidence for written and spoken argumentation shall be the most interesting item on a candidate’s resume.

Candidates of diverse academic persuasions are encouraged to apply, provided they meet the criteria for research, communication and analytical proficiency. Since this opportunity is likely to be highly competitive, interested persons are encouraged to self-evaluate their competencies prior to applying. Historically, only 5% of the most promising candidates have proceeded to the next round of selection due to the high emphasis on excellence.

Applicants selected for this role shall receive a decent stipend during their engagement.

However the most critical remuneration is the opportunity being offered of an association with a high-flying organisation and the admission into prominent local and international networks, both of which should enhance career prospects.

Interested applicants should send their CVs to research4africa@gmail.com accompanied with an essay of not more than 750 words responding to the topic:

“Public Health policy is a slippery road to the wanton infringement of civil liberties.”

The recruiting institution observes international best practice in not discriminating against interns or staff on the basis of gender, race, age, ethnic background and other prohibited factors.

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    What is the deadline for this position?

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