Registration for the 2019 Diversity Visa Lottery (DV) is now open. If you plan to apply, don’t let a fake website trick you. The only valid site is Remember, there is no fee to enter the lottery; beware of scams saying otherwise! Additional tips to protect yourself:

– Before you do anything, read the instructions at, especially the qualifications. If you do not qualify, please do not enter the DV lottery. You will not receive a visa.

– You will only pay money if you are selected, and only when you come to the embassy for your visa interview. [This is also why we tell you not to enter if you do not qualify. If you are selected and if you come to the embassy for your visa interview, you will pay the *nonrefundable* visa fee, and you will be refused because you do not qualify. We do not want anyone to waste their money.]

– Submit your entry yourself. Anyone who claims they can give you a better chance of winning is lying, plain and simple. It is a lottery. There is no way to increase your chances of being selected. You also put yourself at risk of identity theft and other crimes by providing your personal information to a stranger who absolutely does *not* have your best interests at heart. Protect yourself and your information.

– If you *must* have assistance in submitting your application, ask a trusted friend or family member.

– Keep the confirmation code you receive after submitting your entry.

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