Sponsorships & Donations

We have a lot of ideas which could empower young people with the needed information, tools and resources, but we need your help to do it. Your donation will contribute to researching new ways to make our products available to everyone, especially those who are located in underserved locations. Your contribution will be spent on hiring specialists and equipment acquisition. Write to info@opportunitiesforyouth.org



App Developers
Can you help us to design a mobile app? Send us an email at info@opportunitiesforyouth.org


Graphic Designers
Do you like do design? Please contact us at info@opportunitiesforyouth.org


Migration and Youth Development Researchers
We believe that there are exciting research ideas on technology and migration. Share and send your thoughts to info@opportunitiesforyouth.org


Website Content Management
One of our goals is to keep our website user-friendly always and also to keep it up-to-date with current and relevant content for our users. If you have website management skills and would like to be involved with the project, please to us at info@opportunitiesforyouth.org


Do you think that you can help us any other way? Tell us! Send a mail to info@opportunitiesforyouth.org