Opportunities For Youth (OFY) is an online portal established by Young People We Care (YPWC) in 2009 by YPWC’s founder, Michael Boampong. After being managed successful under YPWC, in 2016 in became part of the programmes managed under Migration Tech Lab, a YPWC programme that is intended to explore the role of technology in migration. The aims of OFY resonates with the mission and vision of Migration Tech Lab and thus we found it prudent to run OFY under Migration Tech Lab. At Migration Tech Lab, we believe that information about various opportunities ranging from high education to volunteering is critical of facilitating legal and safe migration for young people, thereby reducing incidences of undocumented migration. After the website’s launch in 2009, they helped to add new features, post opportunities and promote the portal network sites. The OFY website receives over 700 visitors per day in addition to positive feedback from users.